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Here are some things our clients have had to say about us:

" Full body massage"

I was late because I couldn't find her building. I found out it's easy to get , though, once you find it. :) Even being late, she gave me my full time. There's not many therapists that'll do that for you (of course if it's something out of your control)! She has an abundant amount of technique, knowledge, and she truly cares about you! I'll definitely be back!". 

Amber Schmidt

Excellent Therapist

"Tonya is a very caring and talented professional. She has the unique ability to make people feel completely at ease, which is paramount to the success of a . I recommend Tonya to anyone.". 

Brian B


"I have been going to Tonya for several years and appreciate her concerns for my needs. If I want to just relax or have her work on an achy area, she wants to do the best.". 



"I've been going to Tonya for years! She is the best in the business. she cares about her craft and knows it well...and that makes all the difference! I attribute my health in large part to massage therapy.". 

Ben P


"Such a professional. Knows the anatomy of the problem area(s) and how to achieve relief in situation while still allowing the patient or client the enjoyment of the art of a .". 

Karyn W

Tonya Bowie is outstanding

"I've been seeing Tonya since she started massage in Eureka Springs in 2000; however, I could not get in with Tonya when I wanted this week, so Tonya told me that McLees would give me a good massage. She was right. My lower back pain is much better today. :)" Donna C

For more reviews, check out our Facebook page here, or our booking site here.