Click the button to purchase a gift card online. You can have it emailed to you or the recipient. 

NOTE: When scheduling online, you have the option to pre-pay your session if you would like to. You also have the option to enter a gift certificate number as payment. The ONLY certificates recognized by the system are the ones purchased online through MassageBook. If you have a hand-written card, a swipe card, or a Spafinder or Spa Week card, you will not be able to pre-pay. Just bring the card in for redemption. Of course, you may always pay in person after your service.

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Spa Finder/Spa Week cards

We are still currently accepting Spa Week (Spa & Wellness) cards. If you have one to use, please let us know when you are scheduling, and please bring it with you (or have the digital version available). Without the card, we cannot redeem it. If, in the future, we decide to discontinue accepting them, I will announce in advance here. 

We will DISCONTINUE accepting SpaFinder cards after August 26, 2022. If you have one and intend to use it here, please redeem it before then. After August 26, 2022, we will be unable to redeem them. If you have any questions, please contact us.